1 Service Requests

Making Service Requests: The Customer may make service requests in respect of any Incident as follows:

Service request logging procedureSupport Incidents may be requested via email, phone, chat or support portal
Telephone request hours5 am to 5 pm PST within Business Hours
Authorized ContactsAll client staff are authorized to call for Fully Managed Environments.  
Customer obligationsProvide information about the severity and impact of the issue so expectations can be understood and met, along with relevant issue details, screenshots and assistance as needed to provide immediate remote support. 

2 Third party involvement

The Customer acknowledges that the Supplier may need to work with third parties to resolve an Incident, and the Customer agrees to the Supplier doing so, subject to the position on additional charges in section 3 below.

Customer’s support agreements with other vendors: The Customer must maintain current support agreements with all relevant third parties. Where required to resolve an Incident, the Supplier will liaise with the Customer and either work with or hand over the Incident to the relevant third party. On handover, the timing in the Operating Levels ceases to apply.

3 Additional charges

Requests for Assistance: the pricing for the Managed Service in Part 5 of the Statement of Work (‘Pricing and Payment’) includes support for Incidents. It does not include support services for Requests for Changes, and additional charges may apply for services provided with Requests for Changes. The Supplier will provide an estimate for services provided concerning Requests for Changes for approval by the Customer before proceeding.

Third-party vendors or third-party products/services: Where the Supplier needs to engage the services of a third-party vendor or purchase a third-party product or service to resolve an Incident, an additional charge may apply. The Supplier will provide an estimate of these additional costs for approval by the Customer before incurring the cost, provided that the Customer will not unreasonably withhold approval.

4 Exclusions

The support available under this Appendix does not include services for any issues for Exception Factors, including any issues that, in the Supplier’s reasonable opinion, are due to an Exception Factor as detailed in the Modern IT Managed Services Agreement.

The Supplier may, at its sole discretion, agree to assist with resolving issues of the type described in this section 4, and if and when it does so, the Supplier accepts no responsibility for resolving the issue, and the Operating Levels in section 5 below do not apply. The Supplier may charge the Customer its standard rates for professional services for undertaking any work described in this clause 4, regardless of whether or not the issue is resolved by that work.

5 Operating Level Objectives

The response times and target remedy times are within Business Hours only unless expressly agreed otherwise by the Supplier in writing. Timing ends on escalation to third-party support.

After Hours:

PriorityPriority definitionResponse timeTarget remedy time
Priority 1
Critical/UrgentMust be logged by phone (and speak to Supplier personnel) or in person 
This represents a critical situation where the entire business operation or a crucial system is completely down, causing a significant financial impact. The client’s ability to function is entirely halted.30 mins2 hours
Priority 2
Serious/High business impact. Must be logged by phone (and speak to Supplier personnel) or in person 
This involves a major disruption affecting a key component of the client’s operations. While some business functions can continue, the issue presents a substantial problem that needs prompt attention.1 hour4 hours
Priority 3
The core business operations remain unaffected, but the issue impacts the efficiency of one or more individuals. This level of priority addresses problems that hinder optimal productivity.4 hours2 Working Days
Priority 4
This covers issues that are inconvenient or annoying but do not prevent the use of a workaround or alternative solution. These issues do not critically impact business operations.8 hours10 Working Days

6 Operating Level exclusions

Where any Exception Factors, as noted in Modern IT Managed Services Agreement, apply, the Operating Levels do not apply.

7 After Hours Rates

The rate card for services not covered by an agreement can be found here: Modern IT Rates

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