MODERN IT may agree to proceed with engagements on a time and materials basis, project basis, recurring payment basis, or a combination of both.  Project rates will be estimated as a whole (TOTAL PROJECT ESTIMATE.) For other services, standard rate charges are described below.

Senior Engineer$225/hour
Enterprise Engineer$300/hour

Recurring services will be billed at a fixed amount per month, plus any over-costs as agreed to by both parties. After-hours Services (subject to availability) are subject to surcharges and must be approved by the CLIENT. After-hours rates are 1.5 times the standard for weekday evenings (until midnight) and all day Saturday. Sundays, holidays, and nights (12 am to 8 am) will be billed at 2x the standard rates.

For these fees, MODERN IT will provide knowledgeable specialists with access to technical information from leading manufacturers. UNLESS A SPECIFIC ADDENDUM DETAILING A BLOCK OF TIME, FIXED FEE PROJECT, OR CONTRACT/AGREEMENT IS PURCHASED, STANDARD RATES WILL APPLY TO ALL SERVICES.

 *Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates will remain in effect for each year term of a recurring services agreement and the duration of a Ticket Service Request.


Service performed from 5 pm to 12 am Monday through Friday and all day Saturday will be billed at 1.5 times the hourly rate. Service from 12 am to 8 am and Sundays will be billed twice the hourly rate. Emergency after-hour call-ins (if available) will incur a minimum of 4 billable hours per technician.

Service Time

Service Time includes all time spent working on a case, on-site or remote. This billable time includes travel time after arrival at the CLIENT site, not including meals and travel back to MODERN IT. Specifically included are time spent receiving telephone support and delays caused by end users or waiting for an escort.

Delays/Missed Appointments

IF AN ITEM IS COVERED BY A WARRANTY OR EXTENDED WARRANTY, any delays of more than 15 minutes will be billable at our standard rates. Delays include waiting time for escorts, security searches, or a user delaying access to their work area/equipment.  If our technician arrives within 1 hour of the appointment time, but no one is available to provide access to the equipment, our standard rate will be billed for the missed appointment.

Travel Fees

Travel time to and from La Verne, CA will be billed at the prevailing hourly rates for the service/personnel required. Any tolls and/or parking will be the CLIENT’s responsibility. Airfare, hotels, and meals for overnight travel will be negotiated as needed. Travel fees will apply for all visits unless otherwise included in an addendum agreement for a project or recurring service contract, based on current IRS mileage expenses.


If any of CLIENT’s obligations to MODERN IT is not promptly paid when due, or if CLIENT breaches any provision hereof, CLIENT shall default hereunder, and all unpaid installments shall become immediately due and payable. Upon CLIENT’s default, MODERN IT shall have the rights and remedies of a secured party under the Uniform Commercial Code and any other laws, including the right to any delinquent payments for which CLIENT agrees to remain fully liable. An expressed Mechanic’s Lien will be applied for all unpaid services. Without prejudice to MODERN IT’s remedies hereunder, MODERN IT shall be entitled to interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or at the maximum rate permitted by the law, whichever is lower, from the first day of the calendar month for which due until paid. As long as any part of the contract price remains outstanding, the security interest granted hereby shall continue effective, and the title of the Equipment shall remain in MODERN IT irrespective of any retaking and redelivery of collateral to CLIENT until all amounts secured hereby are fully paid in money. If default continues for five (5) days after written or telegraphic notice thereof by MODERN IT, MODERN IT may render the Equipment unusable until MODERN IT receives payment in full.

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